Vocational wellness helps to promote personal goals, interests

Posted on: January 23, 2013

Often linked to discovering our "calling" in life, vocational wellness encourages us to feel good about our contributions to the world - past, present and future. As we explore this dimension, we find that it is less about our career and the means to earn a living, and more about the desire to feel engaged and productive in life.

vocational wellnessJoAnn Carlin, Vi's Vice President of Resident Care, frames it best as a question, "What gives us the 'work' meaning in life now that we have time to do what is important to us? And, also, how do we continue to feel fulfilled vocationally at this time in our lives?"

The answers to this are as varied as the Vi community residents you ask. For some, it is a natural extension of their working life as physicians, nurses, attorneys, financial executives, teachers, and professionals who now volunteer their time and expertise in a related area through community programs and organizations. Still, others have decided to use this time of life to pursue new avenues and interests, like art or music.

"The best part of this dimension of wellness is that it is unique to each person and, when actualized, it can produce true, inner satisfaction," said Carlin. "What's great about living at a Vi community is that it provides residents with a supportive environment and a variety of opportunities that encourages them to think about ways to expand their goals and pursuits."

Many residents at Vi communities have found unique ways to maintain and even improve their personal vocational wellness. Often residents volunteer at hospitals, or volunteer on local boards. No matter what your past pursuits or interests might be, the key to vocational wellness is to keep exploring different areas of interest until you find something fulfilling.

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