Vi at The Glen artists
Art at any age
Resident artists at Vi at The Glen come from a variety of backgrounds. Some have recently come to art as a way to express themselves while others had put art aside long ago to raise families, and pursue careers. But at Vi at The Glen, many of these artists have rejoined the visual arts thanks to the community’s vibrant art studio, and burgeoning art classes. 

“It’s so satisfying to create a work of art,” said Vi at The Glen resident artist Lois Peltier. “It brings so much joy, pleasure and confidence to me. I think it does to everyone. When you make something and it comes out well, you start to think, ‘next time what I want to do is…’ and you’re already planning your next painting! It encourages you to go on and do something that you never thought you could do.”

Artist Recognition in the Community 
This spring, participants of the art classes at Vi at The Glen showcased their work in an exhibition at the Glenview Public Library entitled “The Vitality of Spirit – Art at Any Age.” The art show was displayed in the library’s beautiful new building. The exhibition created a unique opportunity for library patrons to meet and connect with residents at Vi at The Glen. 

Some residents like Mrs. Peltier spent months producing the art shown at the exhibit, which ran from May to mid-July. Her dedication along with the other residents who were showcased was rewarded with an opening reception, where the artists could mingle with guests and admire each other’s artwork on display. 

“We had a wonderful reception with lovely food, hors d’oeuvres and wine,” said Mrs. Peltier. “It was really an exciting experience for those who never dreamed they’d be in an art show. We were thinking, ‘How on earth could this happen to me – this is wonderful!’”
Reception attendees were also treated to a gallery talk by Vi at The Glen’s art instructor, William Nelson. 

“The enthusiasm of the Vi residents for the show at the Glenview Public Library has been great,” Nelson said. “I am so pleased they had this wonderful opportunity to share their work with the community.” 

Art Studio Fosters Camaraderie
Each week at the art classes, Vi at the Glen residents work with Nelson on a variety of mediums including watercolor, oil, acrylic, and sketching to produce a diverse body of work that includes still life, landscapes, anatomies, and abstract art.
“We have a lovely studio and a wonderful teacher,” said Mrs. Peltier. “I can’t believe what a great experience it is. We have a good camaraderie and people paint year in and year out here.”