Vi at Silverstone: celebrating the arts and culture of Scottsdale

Conveniently located in North Scottsdale, residents of Vi at Silverstone, a Life Plan Community, enjoy easy access to local favorites in one of America’s top arts destinations. From excursions to museums, art galleries and theaters, to guest lectures, clubs and exhibitions within the walls of the community, residents and staff are able to celebrate the arts and culture of Scottsdale and the American Southwest in new ways nearly every day.

Easy Access to Scottsdale Arts and Culture
Proximity to an eclectic mix of museums, galleries and theaters makes it easy for residents to celebrate the arts on their own time or together with friends. Every year, the Silverstone Lifestyle Committee selects performances at the Phoenix Symphony, Herberger Theater and the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts for residents to enjoy as a group. The community provides transportation for these group outings so that residents can enjoy dinner and drinks without the need to drive and find parking. “Residents like having someone to share and celebrate the experience with,” said Curtis Rick, lifestyle director at Vi at Silverstone.

Living an “Art-Full” Life
It’s little wonder that Vi at Silverstone attracts so many lovers and supporters of the arts. “The arts weave a common thread throughout our community,” said Susie Downey, sales director, Vi at Silverstone. “We have everything from collectors, to established artists, to those who simply have a great appreciation of the arts in general. Vi at Silverstone does a great job of tying all those threads together!”

One such resident is Shirley Avery, who has been a board member and docent for the internationally renowned Heard Museum for many years. “I love Native American art and Arizona history, and we’re in the heart of it here,” remarked Shirley. “There are so many incredible museums in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas, and I believe in supporting them.” Shirley also believes in sharing her passion with others, especially her fellow residents. She encourages her fellow residents to attend the Heard Museum, as well as some of her other local and nearby favorites. These include the Phoenix Art Museum, which boasts an impressive collection of traditional to contemporary pieces and hosts regular events, including film and food festivals, and Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West, which immerses visitors in the fascinating history of the American West.

The Art of Filling Your Calendar
Vi at Silverstone makes it easy for residents to fill their social calendar with arts-related events. As Lifestyle Director Curtis Rick states: “You could explore something new every week and never run out of things to do.”

For many residents, the most difficult problem is what to do first, which is why starting at home is the simplest answer. The community’s activity calendar is always being updated with new lectures from historians and recognized art experts, exhibitions from contemporary artists and performances from professional musicians and actors. “Everywhere you turn there is something happening here. It’s incredible,” added Curtis.