About Life Plan Communities

A rich, vibrant lifestyle and access to top-quality care if you need it later. It’s not too much to ask!

Life Plan Communities, also known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs), were designed with today’s seniors in mind.

In addition to feeling like high-end resorts with beautiful surroundings, delicious food, and endless options to fill your social calendar, some Life Plan Communities — including Vi — also offer assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care.

Whether you prefer to watch a brief video or take a deep dive into our resources (or both!), we invite you learn more about this modern breed of senior living here — and contact us if you have questions.


What is a Life Plan Community?

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Types of Life Plan Communities

Life Plan Communities offer amenity-filled independent-living options for seniors, but it’s important to know that different types are available in the marketplace. Some offer multiple levels of care, while others provide specific services for residents.

Extensive (Type A): the most comprehensive plan for care

Extensive Life Plan Communities, sometimes referred to as Type A, offer the most comprehensive plan for care, and typically includes unlimited access to available care services with little or no increase in a resident’s fees. 

Extensive care communities aren’t widely available within the senior living landscape — but most Vi communities are Type A Life Plan Communities. Vi will continue its history of offering Extensive/Type A arrangements, providing compassionate care at a cost more predictable than changing market rates.

Fee-For-Service (Type C): care at market rates

Fee-For-Service Life Plan Communities, also known as Type C, do not factor care services into resident fees. 

If a resident needs care, they will be billed separately for all services at the market rate. This model is commonly available in most areas.

In Vi’s Fee-for-Service model, long-term care is not included in residents monthly fees. However, residents have priority access to care and pay current market rates, should the need arise.

Modified (Type B): a hybrid approach to care

Modified, or Type B, Life Plan Communities are the least common type. These communities are a hybrid of Type A and Type C offerings. 

These offerings vary by community, but a typical Modified contract includes a specific number of days in the community’s care venue billed at the monthly fee rate. Once those days are exhausted, care is then billed at market rates.

When should I start considering a move to a Life Plan Community?

Opting to make the move while you feel independent allows you to enjoy the benefits of Life Plan Communities for even longer.

As you begin contemplating where you’ll live next, consider what you love about your life now, as well as what your future needs may be. Life Plan Communities allow you to continue living for today — think fabulous amenities, gourmet food, and a full calendar of lifestyle and fitness programming — knowing that you’ve put a plan in place for future care. 

The sooner you move, the sooner you can start enjoying the full breadth of services and amenities that Life Plan Communities have to offer.

Key conversations to have

As you’re considering where to spend the next phase of your retirement, you probably have a few questions! In addition to online research, there are some important conversations to have. Here’s who you should be talking to as you work toward a decision.
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