Can staying socially connected make you happier in retirement?

You’ve lived a great life, and there’s a good chance you’re still enjoying many of the people and activities that have made it so good. And if you think moving to a retirement community means trading away what you love about your life now, think again — CCRCs actually exist in part to help residents maintain happiness and relationships into their later years.

In this next chapter, you can keep loving your life as it is, or you can totally reinvent your lifestyle. 

No matter how you want your life to look in the years to come, read on to find out how communities like Vi can help you stay happier for longer.

Social isolation vs. social connectivity

Whether you're still living your best life now or starting to feel some pangs of disconnectedness from the life you knew, for many people the risk of social isolation and loneliness tends to increase as the years go by.

A 2009 study by the National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project found that many seniors who experience loneliness or social isolation are also more likely to be in poor physical or mental health. On the other hand, results from a 2011 Gallup survey found that participants aged 65+ who engaged in social activity for six or more hours a day reported being happier and more fulfilled.

Expand your social circle

Senior living communities invite you to be as social as you’d like to be — with neighbors within the community as well as your longtime friends, pickleball buddies and book club pals.

Excited about new friends but not sure how you’ll meet people? There’s a good chance you’ll be greeted with a calendar of community activities to try.

Plus, many communities have resident committees dedicated to welcoming new residents.

It likely won't be long before you have an invitation to dine at a table full of folks eager to meet you. You may find your next bridge partner or a fellow early bird who will join you for morning walks. 

Women share a laugh during improv class.
Try new activities (or keep up with the ones you love)

CCRCs are tailored to the hobbies and interests of today’s seniors, and they’re continually evolving as Baby Boomers head into retirement and want to fill their days with as much joy as possible.

That’s why many communities, including Vi at Grayhawk, employ full-time lifestyle directors dedicated to surprising always-curious residents with fun new activities to try. 

So you can enjoy cocktail hour with your friends down the hall before heading to a performance of the latest touring Broadway show. Or pick up a paintbrush and discover you’re not just an art lover — you’re an artist.

Think ‘whole person’

Healthy aging isn’t just about keeping your body in peak condition. 

Vi’s approach to wellness encompasses mind, body, and spirit and aims to help residents live longer and, perhaps more importantly, even better.

So in addition to attending chair yoga or water aerobics as you’re able, wellness can also mean developing a meditation practice, attending a lecture by a dynamic local expert or even signing up to volunteer with a nearby nonprofit.

Find social connectedness at Vi

If you have questions about navigating the social aspects of your next move — or want to hear more about the social scene at Vi at Grayhawk — we’d love to talk more.

We may even be able to introduce you to some residents with common interests.

Two couples laugh over a meal together.