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Meet the Residents

Get a glimpse inside our community through those who know it best: our residents. Our Meet the Residents series highlights the distinctive stories of those who call Vi home and a chance to take a peek inside the lives of the people you could one day call “neighbor.”
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Resident Nancy Dolan playing Mahjong

Thanks to Mahjong Vi at Silverstone
residents are really clicking

When Nancy Dolan moved to Vi at Silverstone, she didn’t know a single person. Now she’s at the center of clicking social circle. The reason? Mahjong.
Resident Bob Mountz riding his bike

Vi at Silverstone resident completes
3,400 mile cross-country bike journey

In 2015, Vi at Silverstone resident Bob Mountz decided he would ride his bike cross-country. The adventure totaled 3,382 miles.
Resident Shirley Avery lives an artful life

Shirley Avery lives an artful life

Art lover Shirley Avery shares her passion for the arts with her neighbors at Vi at Silverstone as a teacher, singer, and choreographer.
Thumbnails from the Vi at Silverstone production studio

Community close-up: Vi at Silverstone’s production studio

When COVID-19 caused Vi at Silverstone to pause in-person activities, they created a production team, tasked with developing engaging programming for residents’ in-house TV channel.
Vi at Silverstone’s community choir: The Vi Tones

The community’s choir: making beautiful music with the Vi Tones at Vi at Silverstone

There is just one membership requirement of the Vi Tones, Vi at Silverstone’s community choir: You must love to sing.
Vi at Silverstone exterior.

Lifelong friends become neighbors
at Vi at Silverstone

Friends for over 30 years, the relationship between the Fabers and the Badgers continues to flourish at Vi at Silverstone.
Vi at Silverstone’s unofficial swim team, the Silver Foxes

From lap one to mile 1,000: dive in
with Vi at Silverstone’s Silver Foxes

The Silver Foxes, Vi at Silverstone’s unofficial swim team, have only one requirement: set your sights on swimming 1,000 miles in the Vi at Silverstone pool!