Kemuel Valdes
For Vi at Aventura’s Wellness Coordinator Kemuel Valdes fitness is personal

Vi at Aventura Wellness Coordinator Kemuel Valdes has spent more than 12 years bringing a personal touch to the fitness and wellness plans he crafts for the residents of The Vi, a Life Plan Community in greater Miami. And that’s because at The Vi, wellness is not one size fits all.

Personalizing a Plan
“When a new resident moves in, we listen, and make ourselves available for questions. We find out what they were doing and look for ways to help them continue and even improve their fitness routine,” says Kemuel. Residents regularly meet with him to establish goals and then create a plan to reach those goals, whether through classes or individual workouts.

“We have a big group of residents who love the classes, and others who want to do their own thing later in the day,” said Kemuel. So the fitness center at The Vi is equipped with the machines needed to allow residents to craft their own routines, from treadmills and rowing machines to weight machines and free weights. The heated indoor pool is used in Kemuel’s classes, including popular water classes and soon-to-be-added swim lessons, but also for laps and everyday swimming.

Working Out, Together
There are so many ways for residents to connect at Vi at Aventura, and the fitness and wellness classes are no exception. “The way that I organize the classes is that it is kind of a social hour. We are going to work out and get better, but also have a little party,” said Kemuel.

The party doesn’t stop at fitness classes, however. The Vi at Aventura team organizes larger monthly and annual events as well, including a popular women’s health symposium that offers yoga and meditation as well as partner events with the Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center. Recently Kemuel took several residents to a beach near the community. “I expected the group to just go and enjoy the view, but when I looked up, everyone was headed straight for the water,” laughed Kemuel.

Hit the Gym, Hit the Town
“What is important to our residents is important to me,” said Kemuel. And Kemuel has found that includes getting out and about in Aventura and beyond. Residents want to take advantage of the community’s proximity to world-class shopping, dining and theater; explore the local beaches; and even travel throughout Florida and across the country.

And that’s why many of the activities in the weekly schedule focus on functional fitness. Functional fitness can help strengthen the muscles used most in everyday activities. The community’s popular core, strength and balance classes all employ functional fitness movements that can help residents continue to enjoy the activities they love.

More Than Just a Move
After 12 years at Vi at Aventura, Kemuel and other staff members of the Lifestyle Department are not done yet. “This is a happy place, and I’m happy here,” said Kemuel, “but we want to continue to expand our programming.” The Vi team are always on the lookout for ways to improve what they can offer to residents. “Coming to Vi at Aventura is not just moving into a new apartment; it’s moving into a really great, rewarding experience,” Kemuel explained.