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Modernized fitness center makes a healthy lifestyle accessible to all
April 25, 2016, was an exciting day at Vi at Bentley Village: the long-awaited, amenity-packed West Clubhouse – a keystone of the community’s ongoing $80 million redevelopment project – opened its doors to residents and guests. 

In addition to offering two new dining venues, two outdoor pools, and an array of other amenities, the new West Clubhouse features a modernized fitness center that features equipment engineered by Finland-based company HUR. 

Jolene Moore, Corporate Director of Lifestyles for Vi, says the new equipment is designed for residents of all fitness levels, whether they were physically fit and super active before moving in, or have never worked out. 

“The HUR equipment offers easy access for people of all abilities,” Moore said. “The seats are easy to get into, and getting your body into position to lift the weight is easier. But, perhaps most importantly, there are no weights to move around — the resistance is added by air pressure and controlled on a touch screen at eye level.”

Work outs for all
Vi at Bentley Village Fitness Coordinator Carrie Ann Bennett says the new equipment is drawing plenty of first-timers to the fitness center.

“We have individuals we’ve never seen before coming in because they’re excited and want to try the new equipment,” Bennett said. “At the same time, we have individuals who have been exercising for years and years, and they love the equipment too since it’s so much easier to adjust, but still offers the challenging workout they’re looking for.”

Simple user interface
Another key feature of the HUR equipment is its ability to recognize residents based on key fobs. The machines use the same fobs that residents use to access all other amenities throughout the community, so there’s nothing to remember after the initial orientation session – they have the information at their fingertips. 

According to Moore, each machine has the ability to customize to each resident with their chosen resistance and preferred number of reps. Residents will use the fob to keep their personal work-out information right at hand, to help make set-up easy each time they exercise. Conveniently, the fob is the same one residents use to access other community amenities as well as their apartment or home. 

“With this new equipment being much more intuitive we’re hoping it excites residents to try it,” Moore said. “That way all they have to do is focus on is getting into the fitness center to do the work!”

To help residents become acquainted with the new equipment, Bennett and her staff have been setting up hour long orientation sessions. Once a resident’s orientation is complete, their workout information is saved in a kiosk in the fitness center — and all they have to do to work out in the future is touch their key fob to the screen. Residents are greeted by name on the screen, then the workout begins.

A community for the future
The Bentley Village West Clubhouse currently has 10 pieces of the HUR equipment, all used for strength training. SciFit cardio equipment is also available with a senior-friendly design for easy entry and use. In addition to the fitness center, the community also offers a number of group workouts including aquacize, tai chi, stretch and balance classes that are tailored to residents of various fitness levels and needs. 

“We believe it’s our job to create programs where we’re encouraging our residents to be active — regardless of whether they were active before they moved in,” Moore said.