Design your next home at Vi at Aventura
The new luxury apartments at Vi at Aventura were designed with the next generation of seniors in mind. Although the original apartments are only 11 years old, interior design trends have changed – as have the tastes of the residents. 

Residents moving in today are looking for a roomier living space with a newer, crisper design,” said Sales Director Kate Leach. “They’re coming from homes with open, more modern floor plans and so that’s what we wanted to provide.” 

The added advantage of those open floor plans at Vi at Aventura: largely unobstructed views of the ocean, waterways, high rises and even a golf course. “It’s a huge difference,” said Leach. “People visit with the expectation of seeing those quintessential views.”

But beyond the stunning views and sleek stainless steel appliances are apartments created to support residents’ needs. Vi’s interior design team took feedback from within the community to create living spaces that are as functional as they are invigorating. Some of the details that were incorporated that are helpful for help older adults include:
  • Reducing the glare off the floor
  • Installing lift-assist blinds that are inherently lighter to operate
  • Kitchen and bathrooms with ergonomic single-pull faucets
  • Night lights under cabinets and counters
In addition, the design team focused on the details of what makes a house a home. Residents have the ability to control the light coming into their home in order to create a space that is most comfortable for them. Each master bedroom comes with an Elfa ® shelving system so that residents can customize a closet that fits their wardrobe needs. And new residents who select an apartment that has not yet been renovated can choose from a selection of flooring, tiles, cabinets and granite countertops. 

“It’s a great bonding experience for new residents and their adult children to look through the selections and pick finishes together as a family,” said Leach. “Our residents have the choice to create a home which is unique to them. It’s important that their new home is an environment that they are comfortable with.