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Community Revitalization

In 2022, Vi at Highlands Ranch embarked on a multi-phase remodel to provide its residents with an environment that supports their shared craving for adventure, appreciation of nature, and memories of the past.

The overall design creates a canvas of natural, rich tones layered with materials diverse in texture, color, and pattern. Refined details allude to significant moments in time—Colorado’s original settlers, the 1859 gold rush, and construction of the transcontinental rail—and organic sensibilities and influence of the natural surroundings abound. These elements marry in a revitalization that honors the casual sophistication of the property and people of Vi at Highlands Ranch.

Gathering spaces

Phases 1 and 2 give a fresh look to many of the community’s common spaces, from the hallways and fitness room to the card room and pool. Work on the front lobby, library and living room will be completed mid-year 2023. 

Grounded as the social activity hubs of the community, each of the function spaces stand strong on their own while providing ease of flow between areas and events. A neutral yet dynamic backdrop is accented with decorative lighting, creating an added layer of detail. Saturated palettes incorporate diverse and fun patterns mirroring the energy of the space.

A computer rendering of the new Vi at Highlands Ranch living space.


Phase 3 will focus on Vi at Highlands Ranch's restaurants. A timeline is yet to be established but promises to create an atmosphere as exciting as the community’s dining program, helmed by Executive Chef Greg Strickland.

In addition to the beautiful restaurants featured below, Vi at Highlands Ranch will soon also offer a new grab-and-go dining concept. The program will provide high-quality meals—on par with the Vi at Highlands Ranch restaurant experience—that can be enjoyed where and when residents like, ensuring they enjoy Vi’s dining on their terms.

A rendering of the new bar at Vi at Highlands Ranch.
Bar and casual dining

Saturated earth tones, Colorado’s gemstone of aquamarine, and subtle gold tones give a nod to the newly discovered landscape of 1859 and elevate the bar experience. Subtle hints to rail lines are sprinkled throughout, reflecting the exciting haul of gold from the mountains during the gold rush.

Just as the Fifty-Niners experienced an iconic moment in time, the residents will find a newfound sense of community in their already beloved space.

A rendering of Vi at Highlands Ranch's new casual restaurant.
Mount Rosa

Mount Rosa pays tribute to Rose Kingsley, the first woman to conquer its peak, by honoring her adventurous spirit as well as importance in the community during Colorado’s early days. Literary materials nod to the academic aristocrat she once was and pay tribute to the library she founded in Colorado Springs.

Design features throughout invigorate the senses, like mementos of the hiking journey from start to summit. Patterns found in the journey’s preparation pair with those recognized in nature, imitating the heartwarming experience unearthed on the trails and reviving a familiar space with deeper roots and refreshed palette.

A rendering of Vi at Highlands Ranch's new formal restaurant.