Independent Living

Vi at Highlands Ranch is a community of residents truly living life on their terms — and that looks different for every resident, every day.

What does independence look like to you?

Independent living means different things to different people.

It could mean exploring exhilarating hiking trails with friends, or enjoying a day in Denver with your family. Maybe it’s discovering a new talent for nature photography or simply cherishing a relaxing evening at home.

At Vi at Highlands Ranch, we believe you should decide how you fill your days.

Life on your terms

Vi at Highlands Ranch is a robust community full of residents with varied interests doing what they want to do, not things they have to do. We handle the basics and offer a wealth of activities so you can keep doing all the things you enjoy today — and more.
Two people look at each other while hiking near the community.

Community living — your way

It’s up to you to fill your social calendar and leave your mark at a Vi at Highlands Ranch, from sitting on a resident board to joining a cycling club, or even taking part in a progressive dinner with fellow residents. Be as busy as you want to be!
The pool and whirlpool.

Embrace everyday luxury

Enjoy freedom of choice, from the gym to the dinner table and beyond. Explore wellness options designed to suit your needs and discover culinary experiences as varied (and exciting!) as your plans for the day. And it’s all delivered by staff that strive to deliver the highest-quality service.
A home's exterior at Vi at Highlands Ranch.

Make your house a home

From cozy one-bedrooms to roomy private cottages, choose the floor plan that suits your needs. Customize your space to feel uniquely you — then fill it with friends, loved ones and lasting memories in the years to come.