Should you move into a CCRC now — even if your dream home isn’t ready?

As you consider moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), you’ll do a lot of “homework” and spend plenty of time researching and making visits to the communities at the top of your list.

So what if you finally decide that it’s time to make the transition…and the floor plan you’ve had your eye on isn’t available?

You may be tempted just to wait until your ideal unit becomes available, but there are many benefits that come with securing a different one — even a one-bedroom apartment — at a CCRC sooner rather than later.

Land your dream residence faster

At Vi, some residents secure a smaller residence for one simple reason: Residents have priority when units become available.

You’ll be the first to know when you’ve reached the top of the list and the floor plan you’ve had your eye on can finally be yours.

In the meantime, you’ll be getting to know the community, making friends with fellow residents, enjoying the amenities, and continuing to enjoy your retirement.

Create a home away from home

If you secure a unit early, even if you don’t move into your dream home right away, it gives you access to an “in-town” apartment you can pop into at your leisure.

This can be especially attractive to new residents who currently live in areas where winters are snowy and gloomy. Choosing a retirement community in a warmer climate means you essentially have a vacation home you can access at any time.

But even if you’re making a local move, a secondary residence at the heart of it all can be fun and convenient — imagine being able to valet park and walk right into your Vi home after a night at a nearby restaurant or performing-arts event.

To sweeten the deal, one of the many benefits of a CCRC is deliciously low-maintenance living. Services like landscaping, maintenance, and housekeeping are baked right into your monthly fees.

Why settle for a vacation rental or hotel room when you already have an escape that’s all yours?

Women use a valet after a shopping trip.
Which floor plan is right for you?

Enjoy luxury amenities tailored to you

Many communities’ amenities can serve in much the same way as a country club: Sit down for a beautiful meal at an onsite restaurant, take part in lively discussions over coffee or cocktails, perhaps even play a round of golf or bocce with friends.

Plus, there’s the added benefit of resident activities to enjoy every day. Head to the community for a game of cards, lecture, book club or a group outing (transportation included!) to one of the area’s cultural institutions — all of which have been planned by staff dedicated to programming for residents’ interests.

What’s more, there’s no need to fight traffic after you’ve enjoyed your activities for the day. Relax and unwind in your secondary residence — maybe even spend the night — before heading back to your primary residence.

And then when your dream home is ready, you already have plenty of friends and know your way around all those services and amenities.

Gain access to care

Last but never least, a CCRC gives you automatic access to a complete continuum of care, should you ever need it — often with little to no increase in your monthly fee.

Vi at Lakeside Village's care center offer a variety of services, from assisted living to skilled nursing and memory care. 

Whether you or your spouse has a major change in health or you simply need short-term care after an injury or surgery, we’ll be ready to provide you with personalized attention from our highly trained, compassionate staff.

An employee works in a gym with a resident.
“Buy in and move up” at Vi

For many CCRC residents, including those at Vi, “home” is a lot more than what’s inside the four walls of your residence.

The entire community is part of your home, adding health and wellness amenities, bars and restaurants, concierge and valet services, and more. From miles of walking paths to art studios and movie theaters, consider it added square footage — plus, it adds more fun and variety to everyday life!

Our sales team is always on hand to help you compare your options, talk about when it might be the right time to move to a CCRC, and fill you in on what life is like at Vi. 

We’d love to hear from you and look forward to getting to know you — even if you don’t ultimately move in (or move into your residence right away).