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Bentley Village Golf Pro
Our on site golf pro provides tips for improving your game
Vi at Bentley Village’s private, 18-hole executive golf course doesn’t just come with beautifully manicured greens, a practice sand trap, and a pro shop. It comes with its own on-site golf professional. A 15-year member of the PGA, Stan Geer works one-on-one with residents to maximize their golf game, while reducing their risk of injury.  

“As our bodies get older, they can’t stretch and turn as well – which are essentials for playing the game of golf,” said Geer. “So we work on stretching exercises that loosen up the muscles and make the body more pliable.” 

Geer knows that having the right warm-up regimen and proper mechanics can pay huge dividends on the golf course.  

“One gentleman, after working with him for a month on back and torso stretches, was able to pick up three clubs in distance – from a 3 hybrid to a 6 hybrid. Aging golfers don’t generate as much power in their swing. But a better swing lifts the ball higher, and you can hit it farther with less effort.”

Personalization is at the core of Geer’s instruction. “Each person is different, so I assess their game and body mechanics to develop a customized lesson plan for each golfer.” 

But personal attention is not just focused on the seasoned golfers. Geer also holds clinics two days a week where he teaches golfing basics to those interested in learning in a stress-free environment. “A lot of residents love the social aspect of the game. It gets everyone outdoors and having fun. We’re like a bunch of kids out there.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a little friendly competition. “We hold a lot of tournaments at Bentley Village. “There’s a men’s tournament every Wednesday, a women’s tournament every Thursday, and the first Friday of every month we have a four-person scramble called the Jack & Jill. We also have a two-week men’s Masters event. Everyone starts at the same time on different holes, so they can all finish together.”

As for the course itself, Geer finds the shorter yardage to be more senior-friendly, while not compromising on luxury. “The majority of residents come from area country clubs, and played on championship golf courses, so they have certain standards. Here we have the beautiful setting that they are accustomed to but at a Par 3 it’s much more manageable physically.” 

Last year, 45 residents scored holes-in-one and were listed in the Naples Daily News. “Just because you’re aging doesn’t mean you have to give up the game you love. You just have to adapt.”