TidePointe Mystery Tours
TidePointe residents love a good mystery … tour

In a community of social butterflies who are always up for a new adventure, it’s no mystery why TidePointe, a Vi Community’s signature “mystery” tours are so popular with its residents. When Lifestyle Director Joy Lawson puts the sign-up sheet for this monthly event outside her office, she knows there will be a waitlist by the end of the day. On these group excursions, TidePointe residents board the bus with no idea where they are headed or how they’ll spend the afternoon. “But we always know it’s going to be fun!” said resident and mystery trip enthusiast Jane Curry.

Destination unknown

While the mystery is all part of the fun, that doesn’t stop residents from trying to figure out the destination on the way there. “As we come off Hilton Head, residents will say, ‘If we go to the right, maybe it’s Beaufort; to the left, maybe Savannah,’” laughed Joy Lawson.

“One trip we were told not to eat bananas for breakfast,” said Jane Curry. “We all thought, ‘Now why on earth would you not eat bananas?’” The directive kept residents guessing throughout the journey. Turns out, the group was headed to The Savannah Bee Company to learn about beekeeping and honey making, and beekeepers advise to avoid eating bananas—and even using banana-scented toiletries—because the aroma could attract the bees.

Learning about the Lowcountry

Hilton Head and the Lowcountry are full of history and culture, giving Joy Lawson and Lifestyle Department team endless spots to choose from as they plan each month’s trip. “Our residents like to keep their minds and bodies active,” said Joy Lawson, “so we look for destinations that are interesting and give everyone a chance to learn something new.”

One of the most popular recent mystery trips was to the Palmetto Bluff Conservancy for a visit with the on-site archeologist. Residents learned about local archeological digs and the ancient artifacts found there, which date back 12,000 years. Another crowd pleaser was a trip to the local TV station, where residents were able to watch the action-packed production of a live broadcast and sit at the news desk afterward.

Southern cooking enjoyed with new friends

One recent food-themed mystery trip took residents to the Bluffton Oyster Company to shuck oysters and eat them fresh out of the shell. And while not every mystery trip includes a behind-the-scenes look at quintessential local fare, every trip does end with lunch or a meal at a local eatery. Sharing a meal together gives residents additional opportunities to get to know each other better and meet new neighbors. “Residents may be on a trip with people they’ve never met before, but after lunch and conversation, they become familiar faces back at TidePointe,” said Joy Lawson.

With so many Lowcountry culinary treasures to bond over, residents have a lot to talk about. “Southern people love to talk about food!” laughed resident Jane Curry.

A new mystery every month

With the help of TidePointe staff, local area experts, and even residents themselves, TidePointe has been able to keep the mysteries coming for years, and month after month anticipation has never waned amongst the residents. “I’ve asked Joy, can’t you do them twice a month?” laughed Jane Curry.

So where are the residents off to next? Joy isn’t telling. “If I tell you, then it would ruin the mystery!” she said.

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