Living Well

Aging well and living the good life looks different to every resident at TidePointe. That’s why we created Living Well, a holistic approach to wellness in our communities that encompasses mind, body and spirit.

A couple laughing in the kitchen while preparing food

Our residents embrace Living Well in so many ways:

  • Exploring functional fitness with the community’s personal trainer
  • Sampling heart-healthy foods at a live cooking demo
  • Learning a new language
  • Taking in a sunset from the gazebo

With nearly 300 programs per month, residents are sure to find activities that help them live each day to the fullest. But more than a series of events, Living Well is a state of mind for residents, staff and the corporate team.

Living Well programming constantly evolves, but what doesn’t change is Vi’s commitment to our shared healthy living ideal.

See Living Well in action

Each of our residents embodies Living Well in their own way — meet just a few who are living their unique definition of wellness each day.

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TidePointe residents look at a bee hive

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