Why plan for care now?

No one heads to a car dealership eager to explore the latest model’s airbag and brake systems. But the advanced safety features on a new car give us comfort and a sense of security as we hit the road, even as we hope that we never need to test their effectiveness. 

By the same token, very few seniors visit a retirement community excited to inquire about the on-site care facilities. But having a plan in place to get high-quality care if you need it can offer that same type of confidence, even though that planning can cause some discomfort as we admit we won’t be young forever.

The need for care is a reality of aging for many of us: Adults over 65 have about a 70% chance of requiring long-term care services or support as they age.

Care isn't all or nothing

Many people believe that when they get older, they’ll either be healthy and living comfortably at home, or they’ll be in a nursing home with around-the-clock care. But that’s just not true!

We use the widely encompassing word “care” because it’s a broad concept: Yes, skilled nursing and assisted living exist at one end of the care spectrum, but at the other end of that spectrum are more temporary care services like post-surgery or post-accident rehab.

A man stretches with a Vi fitness coordinator.
Why plan for care now?

Though it’s not as fun to think about as whether you’ll play a quick nine holes before lunch or catch the symphony after dinner, thinking about your future care now is an essential part of planning your next move.

Putting care considerations off until you need it could put you in a more vulnerable position, potentially even leaving those decisions to someone other than yourself.

You’ve planned and prepared throughout your life; here are some of the top reasons to make a plan now for your future care:

  • No one else is controlling your decision — you choose the care option that’s right for you
  • Planning now allows you to visit care facilities and choose the one that makes you feel most comfortable
  • You could have better insight and predictability into future care costs, especially with a Type A CCRC contract
  • Proactively planning for care takes the burden off your family and loved ones
  • You’re free to enjoy the present knowing a plan is in place for your future
Care is core at every Vi community

In addition to independent living, our assisted living, skilled nursing, and memory care facilities are located on the same campus for convenient access. That means it’s easier to maintain relationships and connectivity to the everyday life you love:

  • Spend time with friends nearby even if you’ve moved to assisted living or are temporarily in skilled nursing rehab
  • Enjoy the same great food — from Culinary Institute of America–trained chefs — as you do in independent living
  • Remain comfortably at home while your spouse is visiting the care center nearby (or vice versa)
Here for you, now and in the future

A top-of-the-line safety system may not be the No. 1 reason you purchase a certain vehicle, but chances are you wouldn’t dream of buying a car without the assurance that system can provide.

Factoring the availability, accessibility, quality, and cost of care into your senior-living decision may feel like an unpleasant exercise, but we hope it’s one that leaves you feeling empowered to make the move that’s right for you both now and in the future.

If you have questions about care at TidePointe — or in general — we’re here to provide answers.