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Community Employee Spotlight: Ernie Zuniga

Do you know how often professionals change careers on average? Between three and seven! 

At Vi, people can explore and search for their dream position, such as Ernie Zuniga from Vi at Palo Alto. Ernie has worked multiple jobs at Vi over the years and went from an Assistant Server to an Engineering Supervisor in Facilities Management.

Ernie recalls how his professional journey began after graduating from an electrical program in Santa Clara, California, in 2012.

"Since I had no experience, I couldn't find a job in my area around my trade. From the start, I told myself, 'I just need to get myself into a company, and hopefully, from there, I can move up in positions or eventually end up doing something with an electrical background."' 

Ernie was determined and found work in the Google complex's kitchen in the mornings and saw an Assistant Server position available at Vi for the afternoons. With the recommendation of his friend, who already worked at Vi, Ernie began as an assistant server.

Eventually, Ernie began seeing higher positions become available at Vi: "I saw Server position, and I went for it; I enjoyed serving the residents daily-talking to them and getting to know them. Then the engineering technician position opened up, and I was an engineering technician for seven years. Now, this is my first year as a supervisor." 

Ernie expresses his amazement with the company, "The opportunities the Vi has to offer! Just a server to engineering alone. I know many people who started in the dining room, and now they're nurses, CNAs, or accountants. Everyone could thrive at Vi since the opportunities are here." 

An average workday for Ernie as an Engineering Supervisor in Facilities Management involves setting up daily events for the residents in different rooms and taking them down the next day. He also oversees turnovers, a process of turning Vi's vacant units into their original state. 

Ernie has enjoyed Vi because of his team. He recalls, "Ever since I started, my team was welcoming, and they helped me learn everything I know now." He also likes assisting the residents, "They are always grateful for the things that we do to take care of them." 

Ernie's hard work does not go unnoticed. His manager states, "In the last few years working with Ernie, I have witnessed tremendous growth in him. Ernie always rises to the occasion, he's always eager to learn new things, and he's one that you know you can always count on." He continues, "Ernie is one of those 'needle in a haystack' employees, the type you always hope for! I couldn't be happier to have Ernie on my team, and I strongly suspect he'll be running this department one day!" 

Ernie is the perfect example of how one can keep their professional goals alive while moving up the ladder or moving from one position to another! Thank you for 10 years of hard work, Ernie!