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20+ Years of Vi's Gift Giving

La’Keba Garcia, Office Services Manager at Vi's corporate office in Chicago, has been coordinating a holiday gift giving program for children in need for the past 22 years. La'Keba heard about the program in 2000 and has kept the tradition going for the corporate office since then.

Even through the pandemic, La’Keba found a way to continue this tradition by transiting to an online program. 

In 2022, 246 gifts were purchased and distributed to children in Leyden Township (IL) and at Cornerstone Community Outreach in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood.

The effort is supported by the Vi Cares Committee. Each member submits a short list of organizations that should be given consideration.

"Employees recognize that when we all come together for a common purpose, wonderful things can happen, as evident in the number of gifts displayed around our tree," said La'Keba.

"In addition, there is a sense of camaraderie felt when we gather to wrap gifts. It allows us to connect with our colleagues and is a great way to get to know new employees." 

We are grateful for the corporate staff for taking part in this program for more than two decades.

A Christmas tree and large pile of gifts in Vi's corporate office.