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Employee Spotlight: Melissa Evraets, VP of Resident Care & Chief Nursing Officer

Melissa's career journey of actively seeking out leadership opportunities and continually expanding her knowledge led her to her current role with Vi in 2020.

Melissa's first introduction to adult aging services was through one of her first jobs as a dishwasher in a nursing home. Later on, she went on to become a CNA and then a registered nurse in 2001. Melissa obtained her first leadership role as a manager for a cardiac unit.

Throughout her career, Melissa notes that she feels many people have taken a chance on her out of luck, but those who know her know it's her drive, passion and work ethic that lands her these roles.

"I have been given a lot of opportunities along the way. So, if it wasn't for leaders that took a chance on me in a lot of different areas, I wouldn't be where I'm at today, and that includes Vi," Melissa shared.

In her role, Melissa supports the resident care and clinical positions for our company; her team oversees many divisions and functions, including but not limited to clinical care delivery, clinical operations, clinical education, wellness centers, security, concierge, and the directors of resident services.

Melissa's number one piece of advice to those seeking to be in a role like hers one day is to always be expanding your professional horizons.

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"Get as much experience as you can gain in terms of joining meetings, being involved in decisions, being involved in projects around all areas of the nursing profession, the broader the better. The more experience you can bring to the table — not necessarily more years — but more things you've been exposed to the better. And then, learn financial acumen early on, because nurses are caregivers, but they can also be business professionals," Melissa said.

Originally from Oklahoma, she lived in Kansas for many years before making her move to Chicago for Vi. She has always spent a lot of time in Colorado, where she found a love of climbing. As of October, Melissa has reached the summit of seven different mountains!

"The reason I do endurance because those things remind me that whatever it is, it's never something I can't endure. All the mental demons that can come up and that tell you you're not good enough, you're not strong enough, you're not smart enough, you didn't train hard enough, and tell you that you're not enough. When you do these kinds of things, it reminds you, I'm all of the things I think I'm not and then some, because I climb crazy mountains," Melissa shared.