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Thinking about where to spend the next phase of your retirement? You probably have a few questions. And we’re here to help!

“Senior living” may seem like a simple phrase, but there’s a whole world of options out there as you embark on the next phase of your retirement. The senior living landscape has three main categories: aging in place at home, rental communities, and Life Plan Communities like Vi.

How you decide which is right for you will depend on a wide variety of factors, from location and cost to lifestyle programming and amenities. You’ll also want to consider the cost and availability of care, should you need it in the future.

If you’re feeling like there’s a lot of information to digest and consider, you’re right! But we hope this page is a helpful starting point.

Resources to guide your journey
Live for today with a plan for tomorrow
Life Plan Communities 101

Also known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities (or CCRCs), Life Plan Communities are a type of senior living that offer inclusive services and amenities to let seniors enjoy retirement on their terms, while having a plan in place for future care, should they need it. 
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While some like to connect with the sales team immediately, others prefer to educate themselves at their own pace. If you’re one of those people, Vi has written a series of articles just for you.
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How we’re redefining senior living

Even our newest members feel right at home at TidePointe. Here are a few of the many reasons to love it here.
Q: What is a Life Plan Community?

A: Our Life Plan Community, also known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), is a senior living model in which residents purchase their condominium home and receive priority access to the Broad Creek Care Center. Costs for the care center are charged at then current market rates.

At other Vi Life Plan Communities, residents enjoy independent living while having a plan for continuing care, consisting of access to assisted living, memory support and skilled nursing. At each of our communities, residents enjoy meals prepared daily by our in-house Executive Chef, an array of lifestyle and fitness programming, and much, much more.

Q: How do I qualify to live at TidePointe, a Vi Community?
A: There are a number of steps to becoming a resident at Vi. The first step is to visit our community and take a tour. You will work closely with our sales team to discuss your specific needs and questions about Vi.
Q: What do the membership fee and monthly fees cover?

A: The membership fee is a one-time fee that covers community areas provided at TidePointe, and also gives TidePointe residents priority access to the Broad Creek Care Center, as well as Sea Pines resort. Should you move in with a second person, they will also pay a smaller membership fee. Additionally, there is also a recurring monthly service fee* that covers your day-to-day costs like dining and concierge services.

* Monthly service fees are typically set at the beginning of each calendar year and do increase over time. Ask our Sales Team for a history of monthly fee increases.

Q: What levels of care are offered at TidePointe, a Vi Community?
A: We provide short- and long-term care at the Broad Creek Care Center. Assisted living and skilled nursing/rehabilitation care are available.